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Stain Resistant Carpet

These days, we usually recommend a Stain Resistant Carpet to our customer. With a Stain Resistant Carpet, everyday marks and spills are easily lifted and can also be bleach-cleaned.

An added bonus is that stain-resistant carpets come in a wide range of cut pile twist and deep soft pile styles. There is also every colour and texture available for you to choose from.

Stain Resistant Carpets are manufactured using a man-made, synthetic material called Polypropylene (also known as olefin). It's popular in modern homes because it offers a combination of stain resistance, softness and value for money.

For more information about Stain Resistant Carpet, and to arrange a Select at Home Service with a Courtesy Quotation, contact Barry: 07753 800737.

We offer a quick, reliable and professional service at competitive prices.

We have an expert team with more than 40 years of experience in the Carpet Trade.

We supply and fit the full range of carpet and vinyl flooring.

Our Select at Home Service is a start to finish job that‘s totally hassle-free.

Visit our website or join us on Facebook or Social Media. Read some of our great customer reviews. We are highly recommended for our great customer service and quality work at a fair and reasonable cost.

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